Fitness room is free to use

  • Running machine with TV,Walking machine,Exercise bike,Balance ball ,etc
Fitness room
Front Services
  • Message Service ‘our front desk staff takes messages for residents while you are out,
    and provides support for business and day-to-day matters’
  • Information Service ‘the front desk provides information on recreation and events as well
    as on public transportion and public offices’
Front Services
Intermediary Services
  • Can arrange taxis and chauffeur-driven cars.
  • Can arrange subscriptions for newspapers (Newspapers are delivered to the newspaper
    box of each residence.)
Intermediary Services
Laundry Services (charged)
  • A fast 24-hour laundry is available. Just leave your laundry at the front desk.
Laundry Services(charged)
Housekeeping Services (charged)
  • Room cleaning
  • Changing linen
  • Bed-making service
Housekeeping Service(charged)
Complete Maintenance Service Covers Garbage Collection
  • Cleaning staff come door to door every morning at fixed hours
  • Stationed maintenance staff at the central monitoring room handles maintenance and
    repair needs
Complete Maintenance Service Covers Garbage Collection
Other Services (charged)
  • Dispatching of door-to-door delivery packages
  • Moving
  • Massage
Other Services(charged)

※The above is contents of the latest service and
is subject to change. Thank you for your understanding in advance.